The leading brand of anesthesia clinical information system, the communal selection of 
nearly thousands of national high-end hospitals.

DoCare anesthesia clinical information system concentrates on serving the perioperative clinical work, and providing streamlined, informational, automatic and intelligent integrated management platform for clinical business.

The integrated and shared platform of the information

In order to avoid information island, and realize the heighly sharing of medical information. the platform of information Integration in DoCare anesthesia clinical information system can highly integrate the existing information system in the hospital such as HIS、LIS、PACS and EMR. Fully realizing the full sharing of the perioperative patient data. Through nearly one thousand successful integration cases, the platform has been mature and stable. And it has laided a solid foundation of perioperative period to construct the demand of the hospital which is need to conform to the electronic medical record level specification standards.

The integrated and shared platform of the 
broad spectrum equipment

In order to liberate anesthetists from tedious recording work, the acquisition platform of the broad spectrum equipment in DoCare anesthesia clinical information system uses leading equipment data acquisition technology in the industry, which can collect medical equipment data automatically such as monitor, anesthesia machine, breathing machine, blood gas analyzer, and store it permanently. Acquisition equipment can establish the uniform platform of the equipment data without being limited by differents manufacturers and models, which can lay a solid foundation for reducing the workload of the anesthesiologists and carrying out anesthesia researches.

Product features

+ Fluent and easy operation experience
+ Maintenance and upgrade ensurence
+ Reliable security system
+ The advisoried and informational solution 
    of anesthesia profession

Product value


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