Operative medical behavior management system (which is based on RFID technology of the Internet ) has achieved operation security access management for medical staff, Intelligent sending、recycling and tracking of operating coats and shoes. And it establishes the intelligent management system for the operation resources and personnel behavior, which maximally guarantees the safe and efficient running in the operation room.

Construction targets

+ Establishing the operation security access system,
    to ensure clean management for operation room.
+ Specificating the behavior of operative medical staff
+ Managing and tracking operating coats and shoes
+ To establish a new medical assessment system
+ To improve the work efficiency of operation room,
    saving the cost of management
+ Promoting the construction of digital
    operating rooms in the hospital

System advantages

Automatic identification:The system and the hospital one-card system seamless docking. Automatically identify the entering and leaving personnel of the operating room. The system can change the situation of manual identity verification, which was a cumbersome and inefficient process.

Accurate controlling of entering and leaving personnel: The system and the hospital operation scheduling system seamless docking. The system automatically audits the access mechanism of the operating room according to the situation of the operation scheduling in the day, which effectively avoids the entering of the irrelevant person.

Automatic assignation of clothing-shoe arks: The card system of the medical staff will randomly assign the nearest shoe ark, which solves the problem of vacancy clothing-shoe arks and avoid the unreasonable distributions.

Automatic sending of clothes: The system configures intelligent cloth sending machines. According to the medical staff card information, the machine automatically pops up corresponding operating gown (which has large, medium and small size), which specificities the sending of operating gowns.

Intelligent recycling of clothes: The system configures intelligent recycling machines. Medical staff just puts the clothes on the supporting plate of the recycling machine, while the system automatically recycles clothes, and updates the recipient information.

The traceability of the medical behavior: The behaviors of the medical staff will be automatically recorded, such as: entering and leaving the operating room, recipient and return of the operating gowns and shoes, which makes the medical behavior traceable and provides strong guarantee for the management of the operating rooms.

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