DoCare pre-hospital first aid clinical information system provides a unified service platform which has comprehensive digital information for emergency command center, emergency doctors, emergency nurses, medical personnel of visiting and patients. It makes full use of emergency medical resources, to provide convenient auxiliary tools for medical personnel, which saves the patients’ life maximally. Regional digital first aid platform take the construction of sharing regional emergency resources as the goal. The platform realizes emergency command and treatment of public health, and improves the success rate of patients’ treatment by building the trinity data collaborative platform, in which exchanging data of ambulances, 120 emergency centers, and emergency hospitals. At the same time, it integrates regional emergency information resources, provides remote diagnosis and rescue guidance.

Product’s features:

Concentrate on the hypermedia medical records 
Based on the sharing of patients’ information
To realize the appointments of hospitals’ resources,
   shorten the time of first aid
To build green channels of emergency platforms  

Function and features:

Coordinating first aid path and the path of triage:

Combining emergency path with the path of triage, to standard workflow, which forms the first aid knowledge base and go ahead with the continuous improvement of the first-aid processes.

First aid scheduling system:

The system integrates with 120 system, which maximally realizes the sharing of  patients’ information and first aid tasks’ information and Integrates the regional first aid resources. It schedules regional resources conveniently and quickly.

Electronic medical record on hypermedia:

Medical records information covers structured electronic medical record information, picture information, audio and visual information, and vital signs information, which provides detail records for patients, powerful basis for doctors' diagnosis, data foundation for medical research.

remote emergency treatment:

In emergency center, each specialized expert master patients’ condition by audio and visual system. By combining doctor's diagnosis in pre-hospital care, they do the remote diagnosis and advance booking of medical resources, which wins valuable treating time for patients.

Subject construction:

Establishing emergency rescue path for special department center. Through assisting the doctors’ diagnosis, it can quickly and accurately do the risk assessment, which helps doctors to do effective classified treatment for patients, realizing the purpose of reducing the misdiagnosis, missed diagnosis and excessive treatment and improving patients’ clinical prognosis.

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