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◇DoCare care clinical information system

patients, serve the clinic. The system provides streamlined, informational, automatic and intelligent integrated management platform for clinical business, which improves the level of hospital management. It standardizes the medical behavior which improves work efficiency and medical service quality.

◇ DoCare intensive auxiliary diagnosis clinical information system

DoCare intensive auxiliary diagnosis clinical information system deeply minings and scientifically analyzes for ICU patients’ treatment data, which combines domestic and foreign advanced medical diagnosis model with all kinds of medical information such as patients’ treatment information, inspection information, nursing information and doctor's advice data. The system customizes for patients with diagnosis and treatment plan. It services patients better, by assiting doctors and guiding their medical operant hehavior, which gradually formes the medical scientific research knowledge base.

Product’s features and advantages

+ Diagnosis and operation guidance
+ Improving medical operation quality
+ Building clinical and teaching knowledge base

◇ DoCare intensive mobile application

DoCare intensive mobile application is the supplement of original bedside information system, which actual-time records the performance of doctors’ advice  and observation items by the bed, to ensure data’s reality. Through multiple platform integrated technology, it provides specific information of patients to the system such as patient rounds of doctors, nurses’ statistics, scientific research and analysis. At the same time, it improves the usability, flexibility and convenience of the system, and provides data guarantee for the hospitals’ overall management of nursing quality control.

① Providing convenience for the verification and closed loop management of the doctor's advice. Helping nurses to reduce errors more effectively in the treating processes of the doctors’ advices.
② The delicacy management of intensive care continually, providing convenience in mobile operation for the treatment of doctors’ advice and information record. 
③ Providing mobile patient rounds’ application in endemic area, and providing convenience for nurses’ rounding the bed and doctors’ patient rounds.

Application’s features and advantages

+ Show of the bed-head card
+ Mobile patient rounds’ application of doctors and nurses
+ Bar code printing and scanning
+ The query, executance and statistics of doctors’ advice
+ Records of bedside information
+ The query of check and inspection

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